Gastronomy is my passion and my life. Selecting and combining pure ingredients, crafting surprising creations, and offering a complete culinary experience to our guests at Nuance in Duffel… that truly brings me joy.

In the world of gastronomy, we often pair exquisite dishes with a fine glass of wine. Beer is a less common choice. With the creation of our gastronomic tasting beer François, we aim to astonish connoisseurs with a fresh taste sensation and culinary journey.


As a sommelier, I select top wines every day to take the gastronomic experience of our guests at Nuance to an even higher level. In recent years, my curiosity about the culinary possibilities with my own tasting beer has also grown.

François enhances the experience of special moments and the perception of flavourful dishes. The palate is full, hoppy, and at the same time delightfully aromatic, with a soft feel on the tongue and a sublime aftertaste. An experience for bon vivants!


François is a refreshing gastronomic tasting beer that stimulates all the senses. I Its full flavour, floral aromas, clarity and colour, the sensation on the tongue, and the gentle tingle in our ears make this beer truly unique.

François Hoppy & Floral has been served at Nuance in Duffel since 2022 and will also be available through Albert Heijn in Belgium from May 2023. Currently, recipes for two new flavours are being perfected. These variants will be available soon.